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Footfall Monitoring Pilot

Over the next 6 Weeks (Nov-Dec 2021) Flow Technologies are conducting our Phase 1 pilot for a footfall counting system at 6 sites across the University of Nottingham. This is a non-intrusive system and is being run in collaboration with the University Space Resource Management team.

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Our Mission

Knowing how staff and students are dispersed across many different locations of the campus is a fundamental part of planning and managing the real estate infrastructure that is crucial to the education and wellbeing of our community.

Whether it be planning for more space of a particular kind, whether that be a Cafe or a teaching space, or planning for the better use of space, is a constant challenge for the space resource team.

The Flow Sensor Pilot will give us a valuable insight into whether this technology combined with other data can enhance our knowledge and allow us to react faster and better to the infrastructure challenges of a thriving and growing University.

The Flow Sensor

The Flow Sensor is a simple, non intrusive, footfall sensor that works through the simple measurement of whether someone has passed across multiple zones of an infrared beam. This is combined with both a machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm that detects the direction of movement as well as the nature of the body moving through it.

It is not a camera, nor does it use any technology that can identify an individual or any item that can be linked to an individual. This is a key differentiation from other camera or other methods of detection which try to track individuals through their bluetooth or wifi device footprint. This technology can therefore be classed as completely anonymous and non-intrusive.


The Current Pilot

Flow Technologies are currently conducting a pilot in collaboration with the University of Nottingham Space Resources Team.


11 Sensors have been deployed initially to cover 6 key locations.

The pilot is expected to run in a number of phases, the initial phase being from Nov 2021-Dec 2021.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the pilot, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Flow or the Space Resources team as detailed here. (To the Left)